Business Volume (BV): This is the actual dollar amount that any rebates, bonuses, or profit sharing bonuses will be paid on. Depending on the store, or product this amount will vary dramatically.
Personal Volume (PV):
BV generated by personal shopping, the personal shopping of any personally referred free members, free customers, or preferred customers, and personally signing up websites, hosting, business tools/services, personally referred website upgrades. Special Note: In the Website Center PV is only there to be able to verify that an order went through. It is not reported accurately with regards to the compensation plan, as a lot of the volume reported as PV is actually Purchase Volume, which means it is someone else's Personal Volume.
Purchase Volume:
Any BV's generated from website purchases, website upgrades, trainings, personal monthly hosting, and any other OurGV products or services designated as business tools/services such as leads etc. counts as purchase volume for the person buying it, remember it is the personal volume of the person referring it. This category can qualify a member for up to 3 shares in the Profit-Sharing System.

Shopping Volume: 
All BV generated EXCEPT website sales/upgrades, business tools/services, & hosting.
Direct Volume: 
The total of all your personal volume, AND the personal volume of any personally referred websites.
Promotion Volume( Prom. Vol):
This is the amount of volume reported in the website center as "Prom. Vol". It represents the amount of volume that can be used to meet the Group Volume requirements necessary to be promoted to the next level. It is not Actual Group Volume, because this volume could be generated by people who are not in your Profit-Sharing System. NOTE: Only volume that comes in After a member has upgraded will actually count. For Example: Let's say you were still a Free Member when 1000 BV's came in, you upgrade to Preferred Member, and even though it still shows the 1000 BV's you would not get credit for them, only the BV's that come in after you upgraded. 

Group Volume (Actual): This is calculated when Profit-Sharing Checks are run. This is the volume that is used to qualify for additional shares in the Profit-Sharing System, as well as to re-qualify for website status each month. 
SPECIAL NOTE: Remember that website sales, website upgrades, monthly hosting, leads, training purchases, and other OurGV Business Products & Services count as the Personal Volume of the Referring Website NOT the Purchasing Website. As a result the Promotion Volume reported in the Website Center will often times be much higher than the Actual Group Volume a Member has. Thus the longer a member keeps their spot in the OurGV Profit-Sharing System, the larger their Actual Group Volume will become.
Paid on Shopping BV (Does NOT include Website Packages, Hosting, Business Tools & Services) to the person generating the BV. 10% to the OurGV Top Charities List from Free Customers and Free Members, 25% to Preferred Customers, Preferred Members, & Premier Websites, and 30% to Qualified Manager Status Websites and above. Additionally Coordinator Websites and above. Preferred Members, Premiers, and Coordinators and above all receive 15% from Free Customer & Free Member Websites.
Business Tools, Hosting, Training, Services and Website Package Sign Up Bonus:
Since no rebates are paid on the purchase of packages, business tools, and package upgrades, services, trainings etc., this allows that up to 30% to be paid out as a bonus on the BV generated by them. Preferred Members receive 5%, Premiers receive 15%, Coordinators receive 25%, and Qualified Manager Status Websites and Above receive 30% when they sign up websites, website upgrades, monthly hostings, trainings, services, etc. personally. Also Coordinator and Above Websites are eligible for roll-up from Preferred, and Premiers. This bonus is processed weekly on the first Monday following a 14 day delay from the time the business tool/service, website package, website upgrade, or training service was processed.
Personal Referral Bonus:
This is up to a 20% bonus that only Coordinator Status Websites and above are eligible for. Paid on the total BV from personal volume shopping or sales of any personally referred Paid Websites. This bonus is also paid weekly on the first Monday following a 2 week delay.
Personally Referred Matching Bonus:
A sliding bonus of 10-25% paid on the total monthly revenue from total monthly volume from Business Kit volume of any personally referred Websites. Coordinator Status Websites start out at 10%, Qualified Managers get an additional 5% for a total of 15%, Qualified Supervisors get another 5% for a total of 20%, and Qualified Directors, Executive Directors, and International Marketing Directors get another 5% for a total of 25%.
Direct Bonus:
A table-defined percentage of the BV of all volume placed will be paid to the sponsor of the distributor or customer placing the order. Only distributors of rank Coordinator Home Member (rank 5) or higher may receive this bonus. Sponsor Bonuses pay on a differential basis. In other words, if the maximum total payout is not paid to the sponsor, the sponsor’s sponsor (and so forth) may receive a differential payout equal to the percentage they qualify for, less any amount paid already on that specific volume.  Sponsor Bonuses are paid during the weekly supplemental run based on the  current title, as above. Note that as this bonus is paid during the weekly run,  there is no active requirement for this bonus.
Note – in the case of Business Kit Volume, the sponsor of the originator receives the initial Membership Bonus. As such, it will be the sponsor’s sponsor that actually receives the initial Sponsor Bonus.
Levels and Qualifications:
Free (no monthly sales requirement although 1 bv must be created monthly after the first month in order to keep site active)
Preferred Member (2,000 bv's Direct Volume of which 500 bv's must be Personal Volume)
Premier Member (5,000 bv's Direct Volume of which 1000 bv's must be Personal Volume)
Coordinator Member (10,000 bv's Direct Volume of which 2000 bv's must be Personal Volume)
Director Member (20,000 bv's Direct Volume of which 5000 bv's must be Personal Volume)
Once these levels have been hit all the qualifications are cut in half on a monthly basis in order to maintain that status.
Membership Bonus:
A membership bonus is paid on all business kit volume placed by each distributor to their sponsor (enrollment genealogy). The amount of this bonus will be table-defined by rank. A distributor must be active to receive this bonus.  
Membership Bonuses pay on a differential basis. In other words, if the maximum total payout is not paid, the sponsor (and so forth through the enrollment genealogy) may receive a differential payout equal to the percentage they qualify for, less any amount paid already on that specific volume.  Membership bonuses are paid during the weekly commission process based on  the current rank of the distributor. Since Active status is a monthly requirement, active status for purposes of this bonus will be based on the active status from the most recently processed monthly commission period. However, if a distributor has accumulated sufficient BV since the most recent monthly commission period (based on active requirement), they will also be considered active for purposes of this bonus.
OurGV Worldwide Profit Sharing:
The pool is based on 10% of the worldwide generated BV's, shares are earned based on qualified status rank, personal volume, direct volume, group volume (actual), and purchase volume.
Production Bonuses (for Manager Status Websites & Above only):
Special Bonus only available to Manager Status Websites and above. When a certain level of Personal and/or Direct Volume is reached in a calendar month, this Extra Bonus kicks in. While it is qualified for on a monthly basis, it is paid out at the end of a 3 month period at a live OurGV Advanced Training. If a website owner who qualified for a Production Bonus is unable to attend the Live Training, the bonus will be mailed out within 30 days of the Live Event. One bonus can be awarded per month, so a Premier Website Above may earn up to 3 Production bonuses per Quarter. (This may not be a permanent bonus)
Fast Start Bonuses:
Must be Coordinator Status before the end of the current volume month.  For more information, CLICK HERE