A Letter From The CEO Of OurGV

Chad Schapiro


Hello and Welcome,

We would like to thank you for taking the time to look at our incredible company. Years of research, countless revisions, millions of dollars worth of technology, and years of hard work have gone into this great venture. OurGV stands for Our Global Vision, and that is exactly what this company is. The internet has brought about changes we could have only imagined just a few short years ago. Those changes have resulted in a vast ocean of opportunities for companies willing to make the necessary sacrifices that are an inherent part of any new technology being brought to market.

We have two goals with this company. The first is the one we are the most passionate about, and that is to donate $1 Billion dollars to the world's charities. It is an enormous goal, but we have tremendous opportunity, because of the timing, to be able to do just that. How you may ask? Imagine for a moment if you will, what if people all over the world, could shop just like they do right now, save tremendous time and money, while simultaneously generating cash rebates for themselves, as well as donations to charity at the same time. Think about how powerful this concept is, we help people shop at all the places they normally would, by using OurGV.Com to do this, they save valuable time, benefit from tremendous price savings, earn valuable cash rebates, and know that a portion of the money they were going to spend anyways, is being donated to charities all over the world. Everyone wins! Millions of people who could not otherwise afford to donate to charity, now can do so, simply by shopping thru us.

Our second goal, is to create more millionaires from our Home Business model, than any company in history. When you look at the greatest companies of all-time, this is another huge goal. The power of the internet is what allows us to make such a bold attempt. We have created a state of the art Home Business System, combined with the highest quality training and education system the world has ever seen. Our Home Business Owners are better leveraged, and better trained than any entrepeneurs in the history of business. The most exciting thing is, because the concept is so simple, (helping people get paid for buying the things they are already buying), we have increased the % chance of success beyond anything ever seen before. We are confident, that in the years to come, OurGV.Com will go down in history as the single greatest Home Business, and Shopping Experience ever.

Please take your time, and browse thru the information on this website. You can join for free as a customer or a home business owner. Start getting Paid to Shop, and why not begin building a powerful revenue generating system for your family today! Working together, there really is no limit how much of a positive change we can make, in the world today.


Chad Schapiro CEO OurGV.Com